Starhawk Private BETA Survey #1

The first phase of the Starhawk BETA is complete and we've been very happy with the results. Working with our community we've been able to make a number of really positive changes to the game, many of which have yet to be deployed!

We want to thank all of you for your participation thus far and we all look forward to the next phase -- the Starhawk Public BETA!

As we have said all along, our Starhawk BETA is a 100% real beta and not some marketing demo we give players just with a "beta" label. All of you saw us make many updates during the Private BETA and we will be continuing that process throughout the Public BETA as well.

We took the Starhawk Servers off-line at 4pm Central on January 3rd and they will remain off-line for several days as we finalize the 1.2 Update and prepare for the transition to our Public BETA. During that time, one of the things we have planned is an extensive set of surveys for all of you who would like to give us direct feedback. Sure, we'll still be reading all the forums,  but this data comes directly to our designers, artists, engineers and producers here at LightBox Interactive and it's just another way we're providing our hardcore fans the opportunity to help refine Starhawk.

Like we said before, this Starhawk Private BETA Survey #1 is just the first of many. It has a few general questions but focuses mostly on air gameplay so please take the chance right now to give us your feedback and stay-tuned for more surveys *AND* the return of the Starhawk BETA!

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