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Game Balance Update 1.02.003 now LIVE!

A new Starhawk Update was deployed today during global server maintenance at 11am Central Time. This update was primarily focused on fixing a new bug related to missile scrubbing. In addition to fixing the bug, we have also included the following game balance updates: 

  • M.A.W Rocket Launcher for Troops now more difficult to scrub/dodge
  • Swarm Lasers are now more difficult to dodge than in the retail release

Scrubbing Bug:
When we released the 1.02.002 game balance update, we introduced a bug that was only seen on the public Starhawk environment. The result of this bug caused all weapons that are "scrub-able" to be *INCREDIBLY* difficult to scrub. While we did very much want the Homing Missile to be more difficult to scrub, this bug caused all scrub-able weapons to be very, *VERY* difficult to scrub.

The release of this 1.02.003 Update fixes that bug but still keeps the Homing Missile more challenging to scrub/dodge. 

Swarm Laser:
This update increases the difficulty of scrubbing a Swarm Laser volley. This does *NOT* mean that it is more difficult than how they were in the 1.02.002 update -- that was a bug! However, Swarm Lasers were a bit too easy to scrub prior to the bug and players in our community agreed. So this update makes scrubbing/dodging Swarm Lasers a bit more challenging than they were in the retail release of Starhawk

Troop Rocket Launcher:
As part of our on-going efforts to reduce "base-ravaging" we have increased the difficulty of scrubbing rockets fired from the troop's M.A.W Rocket Launcher.  Many of our fans in the Starhawk community have raised the issue that the Rocket Launcher is not as effective against Hawks as it should be and we completely agree.

Thank you for your patience while we fixed the scrubbing bug!