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Schedule for Game Balance Update & Patch Release!

We have finished tested both our first game balance update *AND* the stability patch! We're planning to have server maintenance at the following times and the down-time should be less than an hour.

Balance Update -- Thursday May 31st at 9:00 am Central Time.

Stability Patch -- Friday June 1st at 4am Central Time.

The details of all the items included in the game balance update were listed in our last blog-post. All of those items passed our QA process except for the new (and faster) animation for turret dismantle. There were some issues that it caused and we had to pull it form the update. Don't worry though -- we *WILL* be deploying the faster dismantle animation once the kinks get worked out!

As we've also noted in the past, the stability patch is largely focused on 2 key items for us. Firstly it adds a great new set of automatic network error reporting so we can isolate any connection issues that players are experiencing. And secondly, it adds a number of crash/freeze/lock updates that greatly improve the stability of gameplay even in large 32-player games.

We've also been working on the next game balance hot-fix and we'll be posting details on what's included in that one very soon. And yes, Bruiser Skill and Flak Cannon *ARE* on the list of updates!

The team is also been doing a lot of investigation into some reports of voice-chat cutting our for players and we're working on a new patch that, among many things, includes some voice updates that should greatly improve the connection stability of Starhawk's voice-chat.

Play Starhawk this weekend and let us know what you think of the latest balance update!