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Busy Saturday at LightBox Interactive

It's another busy Saturday here at LightBox Interactive as the team is hard at work on a couple of major things.

We've got a playtest of the solo campaign coming up soon in Santa Monica so the Design team and the Gameplay team are working on various single-player missions. Things like event triggers, AI, Build & Battle challenges, VO, music and cameras.

The team is also hard at work on some of the last remaining items for the Starhawk BETA 1.3 Update.  We're playing online games with the SONY test team in San Diego in effort to reproduce some of the more rare bugs.

It's awesome watching a 32-Player battle in Starhawk and we *CAN'T WAIT* to get it in gamers hands.

Also quite awesome to hear the team in the break room talk about the what they did on Friday night. Austin is a fun and damn crazy town!

Lastly, we're monitoring the Starhawk BETA servers for any signs of connection issues. Right now it seems that our stop-gap fix that we deployed last-night is holding really well and the vast majority of players are having no trouble at all -- which makes us very happy!

That's it for now. Stay tuned for more updates!