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MLG Quick Challenge #2 Winner!

Congratulations to TheGremlinKlown
winner of the MLG Roadkill Challenge!

GTK was a terror behind the wheel this weekend racking up over 2500 verified roadkills on poor unsuspecting foot-soldiers!  Unbelievable!  No one on foot was safe as he crushed them beneath his wheels, then did burnouts on their corpses!  In wreck-ognition for his weekend wheeled warfare MLG is awarding him the $500 prize!

Check out the graphs from the weekend carnage below!  You can see how many roadkills per hour he was racking up in the first image, and the second shows how much time the top 5 finishers spent playing this weekend!  These are just two of the nearly infinite number of graphs we can generate to gain insight into how people are playing the game!

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