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Grizzly Week

Its Grizzy Week here at LightBox!  The new Grizzly Exo-Suit DLC has been available for a week, and the consensus around the community is that it's a pretty sweet new vehicle!  To celebrate its launch we're spending the entire week focusing on the development of the biggest new addition to the Starhawk arsenal with concept art and behind the scenes footage.

Today on the blog, we're showing off a few pieces from the initial weapon system exploration.  The first two slides were early ideas of what a fully armed Grizzly might look like.  These sketches show the artists playing around with various ideas for the weapons, but you can also see that the general look of the frame itself is starting to solidify (vs the image that we posted yesterday on Facebook).  There's still variation in the structure, especially in the legs, but by this point a direction has been selected, and our artists are starting to dial in the look.

The second two images show off detailed closeups for each of the Grizzly's long range and melee weapons systems.  During the process, our artists will use images of real-world objects to help them hone in on something that is fantastic, but also recognizeable to players as being rooted in heavy industry.  These are just a few of the many such sketches we produced, and are good representations of the weapon concepting process!

We'll have more Grizzly coverage all week so be sure to visit our Facebook page and follow @LBI_Studio on Twitter!