It's never a good thing when you expect to get some really cool stuff in a game and you end-up not getting the stuff that you were told you were going to get -- it totally sucks and we agree! We're all gamers here at LightBox Interactive and so we know how it feels.

So here's what we're gonna do...

If you were one of our Starhawk BETA testers that did not get your "thank-you" gifts for playing in the Starhawk BETA, then simply fill-out the form below and we will make sure you get your gifts and are taken care of! We'll send you the voucher code (or codes) to the email you use in the form below.

And if you are trying to scam some swag, be warned, we can cross-reference your name with the Starhawk BETA *AND* Warhawk player databases! These gifts are for our fans who worked with us during the Starhawk BETA only!

Thank you for your patience!

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